[DB-SIG] New mysqldb module 0.1

Ken Manheimer klm@python.org
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 14:50:04 -0400 (EDT)

n Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Oliver Andrich wrote:

> as I promised, I like to announce the first beta release of my new, DB-SIG API
> conforming mysqldb module for Python. I hope that the attachment of the modules
> source code doesn't violate the policy for posting articles on this list.
> Sadly, I haven't found a home in WWW yet. ;-)
> The attached tar-ball includes mysqldb.c (the module) and a README file, that
> describes the module.

Oliver, posting the package is fine, as far as i know, particularly
since it isn't very big.  Anyway, i've taken the liberty to put a copy
on the python.org ftp site - see


(and also mysqlapi.README - i added your name and email addr to the top
of the mysqlapi.README, but not to the one inside the tarball - you
should include that information in your readme's, so users know how to
get in touch with you.)

Please let us know when you have a full release - consider depositing it
at the contrib site.  And thanks much for making it available - i'm not
sure about the database merits and drawbacks, but i suspect there is a
number of people who can benefit from a DB-SIG standard interface to a
free db...

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