[DB-SIG] PostgreSQL

Hannu Krosing hannu@trust.ee
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 09:51:25 +0200

Oliver Andrich wrote:

> Hi,
> does there exist an DB API compliant interface to PostgreSQL? Does the "old"
> PyGres module work with current versions of Python and PostgreSQL? Or do I
> have to develop one?

Just relink (and maybe a recompile of pg95module.c, I am not sure) with new
libpq.If you need to get the oid of last inserted tuple I have a patch thad adds
a function
oidstaus (that returns either the oid or None if last command was not an insert
single tuple).

If you need a pure python implementation (a little slower at startup, but usable
also from
under windows and probably a mac) , i have one that works for basic things (i.e
no large
objects or direct backend functions calls)

I hope to bring it in compliance with DB API by the end of this week and then
it here and on postgres developer list.


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