[DB-SIG] RE: Database API -- description attribute

Michael McLay mclay@nist.gov
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 09:03:24 -0500

Greg Stein writes:
 > Being the person that actually wrote that line :-) ... Terry's
 > suggestion is the "right" way to phrase it.
 > Note: the temporal phrasing was used in reference to fetching the
 > attribute, not the operation that had occurred in the past (via
 > execute()).
 > The DB SIG is now responsible for the maintainence of the specification.
 > I'm not sure who specifically. It is due for updating primarily w.r.t
 > the DBI module.

I can update the documents. I would prefer getting an edited version
of the existing HTML document mailed to me.  Short of that please
propose a corrrections/clarifications to the existing wording at
specific locations in the specificaiton.


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