[DB-SIG] oracledb question + Oracle+Python+W95?

Magnus Lycka magnus.lycka@tripnet.se
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 18:41:21 +0200

Is anyone using the Oracle interface for Python under Windows 95?
(Don't laugh, this is what I have to work with!) Are there compiled
files available somewhere? If not oracle, ODBC?

At 10:45 1997-09-17 -0400, Thomas E. Milliman wrote:
>I'm a newcomer to python and have just succeeded in writing my first
>script using the oracledb extensions.  I was a little bit surprised at
>the lack of samples in the distribution and by the fact that the
>documentation was rather old.  Is there any development still going on
>with this stuff?

Which oracledb was that? The files that the DB-SIG point out


seems fairly recent, but on the other hand seems to have NO
documentation beyond a tiny README.

>I managed to get some test scripts going by looking at mailing-list
>archives and would like to contribute these (very simple) samples but
>am not sure where to send them.  I'm would also guess that a "real"
>python user could clean them up considerably. I'm including them in
>this message and hope they might be useful for other newbies like me.

Being a newbie in this I did appreciate them, but with all respect,
almost all the comments where completely redundant. Python, being as
concise and clear as it is certainly don't need this kind of
comments. Comments are not decorative. If they don't make it easier
to understand the code they should be removed!

># close cursor

I removed all the comment lines, and I think readability increased
a lot. One important thing that makes Python readable is that the
code gets very compact without getting confusing. The only ones I
could imagine keeping in your examples was the initial descriptive
one (which could have been a bit more precise) and the note about
changing instance name.


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