[DB-SIG] Transactions: how to start them?

Andrew Kuchling amk@magnet.com
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 13:34:27 -0400 (EDT)

"W. Craig Trader" <ct7@unicornsrest.org> wrote:
>For a typical database, when you open a connection, you've started a
>transaction; when the connection is closed the database will either commit
>or rollback (it depends upon the database) the transaction.  If you choose

	OK; thanks!  I think it would be a good idea to make this
explicit in the DB-API specification.

>Illustra commits by default; MySQL and mSQL don't support transactions at
>all.  Those are the only databases I've used that have Python interfaces
>(and none of those interfaces use the DB-API).

	Since it was decided to keep the DB-SIG alive under Michael
McLay's ownership, what's the SIG's mission now?  At the time of the
switch, Michael wrote:

>I'd like to keep it alive, so I'll take over as the sig champion.  I
>think it needs to stay open until a few more databases are compliant
>with the db interface standard.  (In particuular the mSQL interface

	I'm working on an LJ article about the API; if it gets
finished in time and accepted, it'll appear in February.  That would
give us some time to improve the text of the DB-API spec, and possibly
to make the mSQL, mySQL, and/or Postgres95 interfaces compliant with
it.  The list of supported databases needs to be more impressive. :)

	Andrew Kuchling

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