[DB-SIG] Transactions: how to start them?

aaron watters aaron_watters@classic.msn.com
Thu, 18 Sep 97 10:38:00 UT

Just to be more annoying, I think I agree with Mark H.
that ODBC should be exposed moreorless directly to
Python and the DB-API stuff should be a wrapper layer
for it.

BTW:  What is the status of the sybase module, anybody?
I'll look into it soon, since I have a possible client interest
and I'm teaching a db class at rutgers where they have
sybase...  -- Aaron Watters

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Sent:  Wednesday, September 17, 1997 2:45 PM
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Subject:  RE: [DB-SIG] Transactions: how to start them?

Erm.. just to be annoying.. ODBC drivers default to autocommiting every
SQL statement that's executed.
You have to explicitly tell the ODBC driver to turn autocommiting off.


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