[DB-SIG] autocommit

aaron watters aaron_watters@classic.msn.com
Thu, 18 Sep 97 23:07:57 UT

Hey, the database theorists have the same problem.
This is the embedded transaction problem - no one knows
how to deal with it (although I wouldn't be surprised if
the higher class rdbms's have some ad-hoc hacks for
it that work "most of the time").

Actually few db theorist think too hard about stuff this
practical, but if you asked them they wouldn't know
(but they might hand wave you away)...  - Aaron Watters

From:  owner-db-sig@python.org on behalf of Magnus Lycka
Sent:  Thursday, September 18, 1997 11:15 AM
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Subject:  [DB-SIG] autocommit
To be honest, I'm a little uncertain about how to handle SQL the best way.
The thing that makes it tricky is that the database has it's own states
and namespaces which completely ignore your Python (or whatever) code
structures / namespaces. If you don't use cursors this might make things
very confusing if you call other functions containing SQL while in a
transaction... Commit/rollbacks might suddenly appear in wrong places.
I guess the solution to this is to always use cursors if the database 
supports that.

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