[DB-SIG] autocommit

aaron watters aaron_watters@classic.msn.com
Sun, 21 Sep 97 01:34:04 UT

Sorry for my ignorance.  What do they do?

EG:  Outer transaction debits my account
           Inner transaction uses this information to print
             out a receipt on my computer after commit
        Outer transaction decides it can't debit
        my account after all and backs out.

 How are we to unprint my receipt?

 I promise to look into this some more (I've
not been paying attention for about 3 years).
Nevertheless a simple walkthrough would be
helpful.  The schemes I've seen were flawed.
* Aaron Watters

From:  Jim Fulton
Sent:  Friday, September 19, 1997 9:09 AM
To:  aaron watters
Cc:  db-sig@python.org; Magnus Lycka
Subject:  Re: [DB-SIG] autocommit

aaron watters wrote:
> Hey, the database theorists have the same problem.
> This is the embedded transaction problem - no one knows
> how to deal with it (although I wouldn't be surprised if
> the higher class rdbms's have some ad-hoc hacks for
> it that work "most of the time").

We deal with it.  Our database supports nested (embedded) transactions.
Unfortunately, our database is not a product :( yet :).

I know a number of research OO database systems support nested
transactions.  I'd guess that several of the commercial OODBMSs support
nested transactions.  

For that matter, TP standards, including the CORBA transaction service 
support nested transactions.


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