[DB-SIG] Question concerning the DB-API

Anthony Baxter Anthony Baxter <arb@connect.com.au>
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 12:59:51 +1000

>>> Oliver Andrich wrote
> how do I have to understand the DBAPI? Is it the minimum that a module
> conforming this API should provide or describes it the exact interface to the
> database? I ask cause I like to add some nice little methods to the module,
> that aren't described in the DBAPI. 

I'd suggest that they should be layered on top of a DB-API interface. The
DB-API is a fairly low-level one (deliberately, I feel), so that it can
be implemented on as many databases as possible.

Some databases are just not going to be able to provide a full DB-API 
interface (mSQL for one...) so I guess they should try to provide as 
much as possible.

> Or something like select_db,  create_db,
> drob_db, .... not worth implementation? 

select, create, drop, insert, &c could probably be put in a seperate SQL
module that just accepted a cursor and made it easier to build up the SQL
statement. This could then sit on top of any DB-API compliant module.

> Do I have to understand the connection
> object as a connection to a database or as a connection to the database
> server? 

I consider a connection object as a connection to a database. Some of my 
code connects to multiple databases using different connection objects 
for each one. 


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