[DB-SIG] Again a question about the API

Oliver Andrich andrich@fga.de
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 20:09:54 +0200


I have nearly finished my new mysql module, and I am ready to do a first
beta release quite soon. May be I will release a first version that still
lacks some API conformance this night.

But now back to my question concerning the API. I am currently working on the
fetchmany, arraysize and description things. (The rest is already implemented
and some more. ;-) But what do I means the following passage to me and what
relevance has this for the API.

"...Each 7-tuple contains information describing each result column: (name,
type_code, display_size, internal_size, precision, scale, null_ok). ... Note:
this is a bit in flux. Generelly, the first two items of the 7-tuple will be
present; others may be database specific."

Why do we need something like this description thing? I convert all the values
returned by the database to native Python values as soon as you query the
database. The only thing that well be misleading may timevalues and so on. So
I see that this of importance for a good implementation, but for what is all
after the typecode useful?

Best regards, 

	Oliver Andrich
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