[DB-SIG] Painful realization / cry for help

Peter Godman pgodman@halcyon.com
Fri, 3 Apr 1998 21:36:59 -0800 (PST)

About 9 months ago I read an email about possibly closing the db-sig. 
Soon afterwards I stopped receiving email from db-sig.  For these nine
months I thought the sig had closed down.  Consequently I announced the
availability of a dbapi sybase module to the main list only.  I don't know
why my subscription ended.  I may have even ended it myself, thinking the
sig was no more.  Anyway, it's good to be back, especially now that I am
actually going to be doing some work with dbapi (though not sybase).

Which brings me to my second point.  I'm sadly in the position of not
really being able to maintain the sybase module right now.  This is
because I don't have access to a sybase server.  If anyone could help with
this, perhaps by making an empty database (not necessarily a server) 
available over the net, I would appreciate it.  If I can't resolve this
issue soon, I will be forced to relinquish maintenace of the module.
Already, I have several backlogged patches (thanks to all who have
provided them (I haven't forgotten)).

Well, glad to see the SIG is alive and well.  

Peter Godman