[DB-SIG] Linux & Informix

Bill Anderson recon@cavalry.com
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 16:57:04 -0600

Now that Informix is running where I can make good use of it,I was
wondering ....

I need to access an informix Database server on a remote machine (same
LAN), does the informixdb module provide fo rme to do this, without
installing informix on the 'client' machine? Basically, I have some web
pages to develop that need to access an informix db on another machine.
Currently this is being done by some particularly *nasty* perl code
involving some strange pipe mechanisms and such. I am still in the early
stages of pythonery, and am completely unsure how to rewrite the
heinously nasty perl code to do the same in python.

I put informix on my machine at home, and tried the informixdb module,
it compiled, but threw lines after lines of errors when trying to import
in the interactive shell for testing. Is this known to *not* work on

Any and all help greatly appreciated (Hate the thought of having to
write this system in perl ...)

Bill Anderson                 Cyberhighway Internet Services, SYCON
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