[DB-SIG] Linux & Informix

Alexander Kuznetsov alexan@www.micex.com
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 16:25:45 +0400

Michael Lorton wrote:

> The informixdb module does not provide networking, it just talks to the
> local interface (although a good db-networking module might be a good
> idea...)

OK! This idea comes to me too!
And I've developed a new Informixdb module a day before.
It is rewritten completely from the beginning. It's not based on the work
of Greg Stein, although I used it for reference and It did help me a lot.
My new informixdb module does support networking. There're also much more
            - correct deal with memory ( Greg Stein's module doesn't  free
all memory allocated in execute(), so that python process become enormous
of size and often fall down, when you do coping of large tables)

     - you can specify user name and password like that

          informixdb.informixdb('mydatabase', 'user', 'password')

     - It executes mush faster queries with the same sql text and
     different parameters repeatedly. So that it prepares the query
     only once if it comes the same.

     - It is a faster at all!

this list is incomplete list of new features.
New Informixdb is still under development, but it seems to be stable now. I
plan to make it free and it will be available on my ftp site in a few days.
Can anyone help me with new informixdb home page?
If you want to get informix module now, you may send request to me

This module developed on HP-UX with Informix Online 7.2. It will not
compile under linux now. So some work should be done to support linux and
SE. This is work of one day, and I'm going to do this in a few days(before
putting on ftp site!). Now I have not more time to do this, Sorry :(

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