[DB-SIG] Linux & Informix

Ken Manheimer klm@python.org
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 14:58:53 -0400 (EDT)

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Alexander Kuznetsov wrote:

> Michael Lorton wrote:
> > The informixdb module does not provide networking, it just talks to the
> > local interface (although a good db-networking module might be a good
> > idea...)
> OK! This idea comes to me too!
> And I've developed a new Informixdb module a day before.
> It is rewritten completely from the beginning. It's not based on the work
> of Greg Stein, although I used it for reference and It did help me a lot.
> My new informixdb module does support networking. There're also much more 
> improvements:

This sort of stuff is great, and it would be really great if someone
familiar with the Python db landscape could gather it all together into
a Python topic guide - see http://www.python.org/topics/ .  Any
energetic person out there willing to take it on, or coordinate a few
people to do it?

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