[DB-SIG] Re: oracle db module status

Richard Jones richard.jones@fulcrum.com.au
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 14:13:40 +1100

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[Greg Stein]
   [Ronald Hiller talks about fetchmany and fetchall not returning the number
    of rows asked for]
> If that is the behavior, then the modules are *wrong*.  fetchall()
> should return *all* the rows, memory-be-damned. The fetchall() method
> was specified at the request of a number of users; Joel Shprentz was the
> specific motivator, as I recall -- he had some excellent arguments for
> its inclusion.

   Absolutely - I see the current implementation as being buggy - but only 
sometimes and I don't have pre-oracle 8 documentation for OCI to figure why 
it's only works sometimes.

   If I find time (unlikely) I'll try to convert Anthony's oracledb to using 
the new Oracle 8 OCI calls. BTW, does anyone know what they mean by "cursors 
are not used in Release 8"?

> Further, fetchmany() should return the number that you request. Any
> fewer, and that means that there aren't any more (much like a read()).
> If any module does not obey those rules, then I'd question their
> compliance to the DBAPI.

    Unfortunately, Anthony's in New Zealand at the moment on holidays - I'll 
bring all this to his attention when he gets back, but I have a feeling that he 
won't have access to Oracle.


ps. Greg, on the oracledb module site that's linked from python.org (ie. 
ftp://ftp.clark.net/pub/culliton/) you're cited as being a maintainer of a more 
recent version. Is this true?

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