[DB-SIG] Re: oracle db module status

Richard Jones richard.jones@fulcrum.com.au
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 14:19:24 +1100

[Ronald Hiller]
> The digicool freebie module returns all rows to the python caller, but
> fetches them from Oracle one at a time...hence my "no worse.." comment.  A
> closer read of Anthony Baxter's module source shows that he fetches from
> Oracle in groups of 1000 rows at a time.

    Ahhh... sorry for the misunderstanding.

> However, something in this doesn't seem to work since fetchall() returns a
> single row on a large table but all rows on a small table.  I tried sending
> Anthony mail, but it seems "that number has been disconnected".  I will
> keep snooping and poking at this.

    The thing is though that all the tables I'm accessing are very small - 
maybe 3 or 4 rows maximum (yes, even TAB) - so it's not a matter of table size 
for me. It might be a strange problem with select'ing data from the Data 
Dictionary ... a "select * from all_users" works fine...

    Anthony just changed jobs - he's also on holidays at the moment. He should 
be back in a week or so...


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