[DB-SIG] Re: oracle db module status

Greg Stein gstein@lyra.org
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 19:44:38 -0800

Richard Jones wrote:
> ...
>     Unfortunately, Anthony's in New Zealand at the moment on holidays - I'll
> bring all this to his attention when he gets back, but I have a feeling that he
> won't have access to Oracle.

His email seems to be down, too. When you see him, please let him know
that I unsubscribed him from thread-sig :-)  I probably should have
disabled it, but (sigh) I was thinking.

> ps. Greg, on the oracledb module site that's linked from python.org (ie.
> ftp://ftp.clark.net/pub/culliton/) you're cited as being a maintainer of a more
> recent version. Is this true?

Nope. While this may not fully explain everything, let me relate a
story. It is deep and rich in history, love, and hardships. Truly, an
epic that is only beginning...

Once upon a time, there was a company named eShop. This small company
learned and loved Python, embracing it in all its goodness. The company
wanted to play with Oracle, so it developed a new way to be intimate
with Oracle -- oracledb. eShop, Python, and Oracle played in private for
many months, but the future was not rosy. A titan rumbled along and
scooped up eShop in its massive hand. This titan, going by the name of
Microsoft, said, "your intimacy with Oracle is nice, but let me
introduce you to my friend, ODBC." eShop obliged, under the rough care
of this strange titan. oracledb was still nice, but the new ODBC friend
was better. Rather than letting the intimacy between Python and oracledb
die in disfavor, eShop seeked out a way for the relationship to
continue. A secret tryst with Digital Creations soon developed. Of
course, it could not really remain secret, but what could poor little
eShop do? It had to try. It couldn't break oracledb's heart, after the
relationship that they shared. Eventually, it came out. eShop wontonly
transferref ownership of oracledb over to Digital Creations. Did
oracledb want to go? Maybe. Maybe not. But it was a slave to mighty
powers. However, the story ends well. While eShop lingered on within the
titan's palm, eventually becoming One with the titan, oracledb
flourished. The Others were attracted to the beautiful harmony. oracledb
was picked up and cared for, free of the love triangle between its
former life partner and that rival, ODBC. oracledb now lives on, free of
its former burdens.


Greg Stein, http://www.lyra.org/