[DB-SIG] Call for Bertil Reinhammar...

Aaron Watters arw@ifu.net
18 Dec 1998 14:51:17 -0000

Hello all,
> I tried contacting Bertil at the address given in the informixdb
> distribution (Bertil_Reinhammar@ivab.se), only to have my email returned
> 'User unknown'.
> Does anyone know either:
> - What is Bertil's new email address?
> - Who has assumed responsibility for maintaining informixdb in his
> stead?

In the event there is noone supporting the
module, maybe consider switching to mxODBC,
since it seems informix supports odbc, and
I know M.A.L. will support it.

   -- Aaron Watters


But really the kid who said
"the emperor has no cloths"
was beheaded.

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