[DB-SIG] Database API clarifications

Tod Olson Tod Olson <ta-olson@uchicago.edu>
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 09:28:02 -0600

>>>>> "M" == M -A Lemburg <lemburg@uni-duesseldorf.de> writes:

M> Bill Tutt wrote:
>> > me:
>> > Is that ok ? I'll add it to my API 1.1. draft then.
>> >
>> Well, close, but preferably return None instead of 0, this is Python after
>> all. :)

M> Right -- has a better sound to it :-)

That being the case, how about cursor.nextset() returns self.  Two

- Allows cursor.nextset().fetchall(), which is nice for interactive

- Works nicely if the database-API evolves to treat result sets as

Next question: should a programmer be able to do

	while cursor.nextset():

to process all the rows of all the results, or must the programmer do

	while cursor.nextset():

I personally prefer the former, since cursor.fetchall will usually be
some larger block of code and need to be duplicated.  Other opinions?

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