[DB-SIG] sybase?

Tod Olson Tod Olson <ta-olson@uchicago.edu>
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 09:07:19 -0600

>>>>> "AW" == Aaron Watters <aaron@cs.rutgers.edu> writes:

AW> Thought I'd check.  The latest Sybase module is the non-dbapi
AW> compliant sybase module in
AW> ftp.python.org/pub/python/contrib/Databases right?  Wasn't someone
AW> working on a new one?

I'm working on one based on ct-lib.  I need to allocate a few more
days to work on it before I'm ready to release an early version.
Peter Godman is also working on one.

AW> I hope I'm wrong.

In what sense?  If you're limited to ct-lib and have fairly
straightforward needs, I may be able to expidite my work.

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