[DB-SIG] Oracle interface for Windows/NT

Vicky White white@fnal.gov
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 13:39:27 -0600

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I have been using the Digital creations database API module for oracle
and have been following all the discussions on date/time. I am working
with it on Sun/Solaris -but intend to also use it on SGI and Linux,
which should not be a problem.  I just assumed that it would be easy to
get it (or something else) with the standard DB API working under
NT/windows.  However, now that I start looking closely I find nothing
specifically for windows.  Of the 3 things available
   the Digital Creations API
   the Lemburg mxODBC module
   and Oramod (which I can find nothing for - only patches?)

nothing seems to be designed for a windows environment.  Do I really
have to take the c code and the Python documentation and figure it all
out myself -(not being much of a windows person).  Someone out there
please give me help and guidance and if you have built a DBI interface
to Oracle on windows please share your knowledge and experiences.
Or am I looking in the  wrong places? 

			Vicky White
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