[DB-SIG] Oracle interface for Windows/NT

Jim Fulton jim@digicool.com
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 15:56:44 -0500

Vicky White wrote:
> I have been using the Digital creations database API module for oracle
> and have been following all the discussions on date/time. I am working
> with it on Sun/Solaris -but intend to also use it on SGI and Linux,
> which should not be a problem.  I just assumed that it would be easy to
> get it (or something else) with the standard DB API working under
> NT/windows.  However, now that I start looking closely I find nothing
> specifically for windows. 

We use a number of extension modules in our products.  None of them
have windows-specific code (other than the delay of setting a new type's
type to PyType_Type until the init function).

Uh, I just noticed that this hasn't been done yet for the
oracle module. :-(  Here's what has to be done:

  1. Change every line that looks like:

       PyObject_HEAD_INIT (&PyType_Type)

     and change it to look like:

       PyObject_HEAD_INIT (NULL)

  2. And then, for each type defined in the module, add a line like the
     following in the module init function:


That's the only C change that *should* be necessary.  This does
no harm on Unix, so we write all new C modules this way.

> Of the 3 things available
>    the Digital Creations API
>    the Lemburg mxODBC module
>    and Oramod (which I can find nothing for - only patches?)

Have you tried the ODBC binary that comes with PythonWin?
> nothing seems to be designed for a windows environment. 

None of our modules are "designed" for windows. We use the same sources
on windows and Unix.

Of course, you need a Windows-specific make file.  Do you know
how to make one of these?

> Do I really
> have to take the c code and the Python documentation and figure it all
> out myself -(not being much of a windows person).

Not all of it.

> Someone out there
> please give me help and guidance and if you have built a DBI interface
> to Oracle on windows please share your knowledge and experiences.

If someone has successfully built the oracle module on 
windows and is willing to share their binary, I'd be happy to
include it on out website.


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