[DB-SIG] Oracle interface for Windows/NT

Greg Stein (Exchange) gstein@exchange.microsoft.com
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 01:07:41 -0800

The ODBC module has been used extensively against Oracle databases,
including the use of dates and raw values. It was quite capable and had
everything needed. It is certainly more straightforward than trying to
use oracledb on NT, which I seriously doubt anybody has done, which
means that you'd be working with something even less stable than the
ODBC module. I believe mxODBC was intended for Unix platforms. Since it
uses the same interface as the win32 ODBC module, I don't see that it
would actually provide any additional benefit, and it, too, has
certainly been used less than the win32 ODBC module.

In any case, just try it. If you run into problems, then come back here.
As Bill said, he'll gladly help out with questions. Others here will,
too, I'm sure.


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        Thank you for your reply.  I have still not heard from anyone
who has
actually got your oracledb module working under Windows/NT.
At your suggestion I tried the dbi and odbc modules in Pythonwin.  The
documentation of these is obscure, but eventually I came upon it.
the description of the bugs and limitations and the lack of anyone
using/supporting it was not a happy discovery.  I am certainly able to
connect to the oracle database and do some simple things.  Have not yet
figured out what to do about date/time and raw data types.   If I could
locate others using either oracledb or the mxODBC module I would feel
comfortable using one of them - but looks like I have to build one or
of oracledb or mxODBC myself -  as an extension module.

In reference to this you talk about an NT-specific make file?   Are you
assuming I will have to import the gnu tools and compiler to my NT
system and
not use the Microsoft Visual C++ environment, for example?  As I said in
first mail I really have no clue what I am doing on NT and don't
want to go deeply into it.  So once again - please someone - share your
ready-built and ready-to-run Win32 oracledb  or mxODBC module with me if
have already done this.  Or at least your 10 step recipe.  Also let me
who else is using the built-in dbi and odbc in PythonWin.  Has anyone
any of the known bugs?

 Thanks a lot in advance

Also - I think someone should remove the oramod stuff from the web pages
archive.  The only files that seem to be there are patches. These date
1995 and the web page associated with the product says the author has
abandoned it.  It is simply confusing to people to have out-of-date and
usupported stuff offered in the Python archives.

Jim Fulton wrote:

> Vicky White wrote:
> >
> > I have been using the Digital creations database API module for
> > and have been following all the discussions on date/time. I am
> > with it on Sun/Solaris -but intend to also use it on SGI and Linux,
> > which should not be a problem.  I just assumed that it would be easy
> > get it (or something else) with the standard DB API working under
> > NT/windows.  However, now that I start looking closely I find
> > specifically for windows.
> We use a number of extension modules in our products.  None of them
> have windows-specific code (other than the delay of setting a new
> type to PyType_Type until the init function).
> Uh, I just noticed that this hasn't been done yet for the
> oracle module. :-(  Here's what has to be done:
>   1. Change every line that looks like:
>        PyObject_HEAD_INIT (&PyType_Type)
>      and change it to look like:
>        PyObject_HEAD_INIT (NULL)
>   2. And then, for each type defined in the module, add a line like
>      following in the module init function:
>        Cursor_Type.ob_type=&PyType_Type;
> That's the only C change that *should* be necessary.  This does
> no harm on Unix, so we write all new C modules this way.
> > Of the 3 things available
> >    the Digital Creations API
> >    the Lemburg mxODBC module
> >    and Oramod (which I can find nothing for - only patches?)
> Have you tried the ODBC binary that comes with PythonWin?
> > nothing seems to be designed for a windows environment.
> None of our modules are "designed" for windows. We use the same
> on windows and Unix.
> Of course, you need a Windows-specific make file.  Do you know
> how to make one of these?
> > Do I really
> > have to take the c code and the Python documentation and figure it
> > out myself -(not being much of a windows person).
> Not all of it.
> > Someone out there
> > please give me help and guidance and if you have built a DBI
> > to Oracle on windows please share your knowledge and experiences.
> If someone has successfully built the oracle module on
> windows and is willing to share their binary, I'd be happy to
> include it on out website.
> Jim
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