[DB-SIG] DB API 1.1a3

Tod Olson Tod Olson <ta-olson@uchicago.edu>
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 16:32:52 -0500

>>>>> "M" == M -A Lemburg <mal@lemburg.com> writes:

M> Tod Olson wrote:
>> I notice that 1.1 no longer requires Connection objects to implement
>> all Cursor object attributes and methods.  Any reason?  I would like
>> the requirement to remain.

M> Is anybody using this ? I think it's a better idea to provide a
M> dummy cursor object than having connection objects give access to
M> cursor methods and attributes: it makes porting applications a lot
M> easier. Database interfaces which do not really support cursors
M> could raise an exception if more than one cursor is being created.
M> But that's of course just my POV.

But what about databases where connections and cursors really are
different?  That is, in Sybase you can submit SQL through either a
connection or a cursor, and that implies some meaningful difference to
the server.  Eg. some things are legal in a connection that aren't in
a cursor (don't ask for specifics, but we just saw an example two days

Of course if no other database does this sort of thing, it probably
doesn't need to be reflected in the standard.

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