[DB-SIG] SQL database for Python

Cary Collett caryc@shore.net
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 09:18:52 -0400


Sounds like you want MySQL. It is VERY VERY fast, multithreaded and
has a DP API compliant interface. http://www.tcx.se for more info.
MySQL is free for most uses (except bundling it and selling it, then
you have to buy a license). You can also purchase support.

It lacks some features like transactions and triggers, but you don't
mention that you need them. If you want something free that has more
features, but is slower you might want to check out PostgreSQL.
I don't use and so I don't have the URL for it handy but a search
at Yahoo should turn it up.

Lastly, if you want to go commercial, but don't want to spend the
money on Oracle, you could try Solid (http://www.solidtech.com/).


Gong Wei (ccegongw@nus.edu.sg) said:

> Hi all,
> I believe the question has been asked many many times, however, I
> couldn't find a good solution myself.  So would like to know your
> opinion.
> Requirement:
> 1. Robust, never(seldom) crash.
> 2. allow multiple, concurrent access.  There will be only 1 writer at
> any instance of time.
> 3. has some python interface which conforms to db-sig API specification.
> Pls comment, you help is much appreciated!
> P.S. It's much better if  followup could be replied to my email.  I just
> subscribed, don't know when it's going to take effect...
> Regards
> ======
> Gong Wei

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