[DB-SIG] Sybase module

Harri PASANEN harri.pasanen@trema.com
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 17:36:57 +0200

Tod Olson wrote:
> >>>>> "HP" == Harri PASANEN <harri.pasanen@trema.com> writes:
> HP> Our sybase server runs on a SPARC-Solaris box, and running the
> HP> identical python client on NT and another SPARC-Solaris box gives
> HP> the result that NT-client seems roughly 3 times slower than doing
> HP> the same from another SPARC Solaris box.  The NT cpu is
> HP> practically idle during the process, so it must be something with
> HP> sybase client libs / or network.
> Some time ago, there was a problem with NT making a TCP/IP connection
> to Solaris.  (I wish I could remember the versions.)  MS was doing
> something non-standard in their TCP/IP stack, and Sun hadn't
> specifically tested MS compatibility, or somesuch.
> If you're running an old or unpatched Solaris, you might check for
> relevant patches, or you might check that NT has the most recent
> service pack installed.  Or this could be a red herring.

I'm not sure if I already sent this info, but I modified
the ctsybasemodule connection init to accept packetsize as 
well.  Get this: by setting the packetsize to 2048 instead of the
default 512, my queries sped about about 500%   (Or
were 5 times faster in other words...)