[DB-SIG] Another funny Oracle feature

Jim Fulton jim.fulton@Digicool.com
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 08:11:58 -0400

Another funny (ha ha, not really) feature I've found in Oracle is
that when binding parameters to SQL (not procedures, just SQL)
it is possible to have *output* parameters as well as input
parameters.  For example, someonw can use:

  select foo into :fooparm from spam where bar=:barparm

Now this select has two parameters. One is an input 
parameter and one is an output parameter. As a bonus, 
There doesn't seem to be any API call I can make to discover
that 'fooparm' is an output parameter.  But then, there isn't
an API call I can make to find out what parameters there
are either, so why am I complaining? :(

This situation is rather hard to handle with the current
DBI API.  This may be reasonable, since the SQL above is,
I assume, non-standard.  I'm curious if anyone else has 
come across a case like this with other databases?

BTW, the situation is not so bad for stored procedures, 
since there is an API for getting procedure metadata.


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