[DB-SIG] oracledb Stored Procedure Magic

Paul Boddie Paul.Boddie@cern.ch
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 18:25:05 +0100


After some time wondering whether there might one day be an implementation of
stored procedure calls in implementations of the DB-API, I finally got round to
modifying the oracledb module to do the necessary magic.  Oracle seems to call
stored procedures at the cursor level, ie.  the context of a call is a cursor,
not a connection, so I took the liberty of adding callproc to the cursorObject,
and not the connectionObject.

Actually, this is my first attempt at experimenting with Python extensions and
Oracle Call Interface, so I took the easy way out and "re-used" a fair amount of
the work done for the execute method, binding, and producing outputs.  Whether
it works in all cases, handles errors correctly, and doesn't leak memory, are
all unaddressed issues.

Who would be interested in seeing the patches for this?  I would have attached
them, but I suppose that for many people they are irrelevant.  I have, however,
provided them on a Web page:


I would appreciate some feedback from those "in the know" concerning OCI, and
Python extensions - if there is anyone reading this who might deal with both of


Paul Boddie, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

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