[DB-SIG] mSQL interface

John Lehmann johnl@axis.com.au
Wed, 06 May 1998 11:00:07 +1000

Michael Dietrich wrote:
> last i would do a python-db-api conform interface for mSQL if enough
> people are interested in that. but o don't even know how many people
> use mSQL with python or are interested if a conform api exists.

I was starting to look at doing this for the mySQL module.  As there
seems to be a convert-mSQL-to-mySQL script in the mySQL distribution, I
would be interested such an api-conformant version of the module :)

Actually I was going to look at wrapping the mySQL-api in swig and then
writing a db-sig conformant wrapper in python, as my C is rusty.  Is
this a stupid idea?

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