[DB-SIG] informixdb problem

Anthony M. Ingraldi A.M.INGRALDI@larc.nasa.gov
Mon, 11 May 1998 17:40:06 -0400

At 3:32 PM -0400 5/5/98, Anthony M. Ingraldi wrote:

>I have obtained a copy of the ifxdbmodule package from the python ftp site
>and I am having trouble getting it to work.
>When I try to import the _informixdb.so module, I get the following:
>>>> import _informixdb
>Traceback (innermost last):
>  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
>ImportError: ld.so.1: python: fatal: relocation error: symbol not found:
>gl_setextfunc: referenced in ./_informixdb.so

I have found that I needed to make some changes to the Makefile in order to
successfully import the module.  The key change is on the LIBS definition

old definition:

LIBS=-lasf -lsql -los -lgen

new definition:

LIBS=-lixsql -lixasf -lixgen -lixos -lixgls -lnsl -lsocket -laio -lm
informix/lib/esql/checkapi.o -lixglx

(Typing "esql -libs" at a command prompt gave me the necessary information.)

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