[DB-SIG] Anounce! Kinfxdb and Kinterbasdb released!

Alexander Kuznetsov alexan@unicorn.micex.ru
Tue, 08 Sep 1998 16:17:49 +0400

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Hello, Python world!
<BR>I've put Informix and Interbase modules on http site.
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <A HREF="http://thor.prohosting.com/~alexan/pub/Kinfxdb/">http://thor.prohosting.com/~alexan/pub/Kinfxdb/</A>
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I've renamed my new Informixdb module to Kinfxdb.
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Proved to work fine with Informix SE 7.* and Informix
Online Dinamic server 7.*&nbsp; on Linux
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; and HP-UX. Other platforms haven't been tested.
Please try it and report of results to the sig and me.
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <A HREF="http://thor.prohosting.com/~alexan/Kinterbasdb/">http://thor.prohosting.com/~alexan/Kinterbasdb/</A>
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; My Interbasedb module was also renamed to Kinterbasdb.
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Works fine with Interbase 4.0 and 5.0 on Linux and
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; It Also works with interbase 3.3 if4.0 client libraries
linked to it.
<P>I am planing to write some brief doc for both modules.
<P>Send me your comments.
Alexander Kuznetsov, alexan@unicorn.micex.ru</PRE>