[DB-SIG] Re: Sybase module

raf raf@comdyn.com.au
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 11:51:17 +1000

Peter Godman wrote:

>On Wed, 16 Sep 1998, Richard Jones wrote:

>>    What's the official status of your Sybase module? Your starship web
>> page looks like it hasn't been updated for quite some time, and
>> there's messages in the python-list archives about you having patches
>> but not applying them.
>>    I can't really offer to take over support of the Sybase module
>> (yet) since I am totally new to it (having moved over from Oracle). I
>> just want to try it out and know it's stable for simple DML
>> statements.

>I do have a couple of patches that I haven't applied, due to not being
>able to test them.  One fixes alignment issues for OSF1, and the other
>provides a fixed-point implementation for MONEY types.  

>I've asked if someone else wants to take over maintainership of the module
>before, but with no responses.  Where did you see the comments about
>unapplied patches? unfortunately they were not forwarded to me.  There are
>fewer than ten people who have told me they are using the module.  There
>may be more lurkers.  I honestly don't know who's using it.

>Until I hear that someone else will maintain, I'll try to at least make
>available the patches I get, even if I can't test them.

hi peter,

i use this module and can test patches (on solaris).
i can maintain the module if you like, or just test
patches for you (so the module can stay where it is).
what do you want to do?