[DB-SIG] Re: Sybase module

Peter Godman pgodman@halcyon.com
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 10:46:25 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 16 Sep 1998, raf wrote:

> hi peter,
> i use this module and can test patches (on solaris).
> i can maintain the module if you like, or just test
> patches for you (so the module can stay where it is).
> what do you want to do?
> raf

Hey everyone.  Well, I don't know if you guys heard the news or not, but
Sybase has made ASE (adaptive server enterprise?)  freely available
(without support) for linux. I think it's pretty incredible, and will mean
I can maintain the module once more.  I'm going to apply the patches I
have first, and make a release.  

Has anyone considered a cross-dbapi test suite that tests modules to the
spec?  I know that the spec is considered just a suggestion, but it would
be nice if there were a minimum set of functionality that every module
provided, with standard exceptions raised for unimplemented / nonstandard