[DB-SIG] Updating the SIG pages

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 22:27:24 +0200

I've just uploaded a cleaned up version of the spec, it's now
at 2.0a15.

As for the SIG's web-pages: I think there should be a complete
rewrite of the SIG's status page. Since Andrew has already done
a very fine job with the database topics collection, I think that
the status page could be boiled down to a few pointers to his
collection and the two API versions.

For backward compatibility, we'll need to reference the old
API page as DatabaseAPI.html and DatabaseAPI-1.0.html. The
new one should be named DatabaseAPI-2.0.html. Future versions
can then pick up on this naming scheme.

New modules should then probably be published in Andrew's topics
guide as sole location. The current setup with some modules on the
topics pages, some on the SIG pages and yet some more in the
FTP contrib section is not too well suited to make people feel
comfortable with the available database connectivity, IMHO.

What do you think ?

BTW: Even if the SIG is meant for relational databases, wouldn't
it be a good idea to open it up for OODBs too ? What about an
OODB API (with a DB API compliant adaptor) as new target of
discussion ?!

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