[DB-SIG] DB API 2.0... what about NULLs ?

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 00:40:40 +0200

Greg Stein wrote:
> Andy Dustman wrote:
> >...
> > Whether or not we should try to slide it into the 2.0 spec is another
> > matter; a little late, perhaps, to be thinking of this, and may fixing
> > something that ain't broke. At least on databases which support NULL
> It seems like a non-problem and 2.0 is out the door...
> Why is this issue a problem? What is going on?
> At a minimum, 2.0 is done with. Any changes go into the next rev. (IMO,
> of course :-)

Right, we'll keep it in mind for 2.1.

I really didn't mean to stir up anything; I was just a little
surprised that we forgot the NULLs in all those discussions about
.nextset()s and return values ;-)

The note I added to the end of the spec merely points out the
already used fact that None should be used as NULL on input 
and output. Nothing more.

For now, the main objective is getting some 2.0 compliant
modules out there. AFAIK, only Andy's module is 2.0 compliant.
I'm working hard on mxODBC... stumbling over all kinds of
inconsistencies in the way ODBC is implemented by the various
drivers along the way :-/

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