[DB-SIG] Informix on IRIX?

Deirdre Saoirse Deirdre Saoirse <deirdre@deirdre.net>
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 18:34:12 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 22 Apr 1999, John Mitchell wrote:

> Try setting your half-dozen-odd environment variables.  For example, on my
> machine:
> setenv INFORMIXDIR   /usr/local/informix/

In my case, it's /www/informix (and no, it's not something I can change).

However, note that it was looking for /usr/informix.... which doesn't
exist! I can't find anywhere where that was set.

> and I have a "esqlc" in /usr/local/informix/lib/esql/esqlc (which the
> above is trying to reference), and also /usr/local/informix/demo/esqlc

> Take a look at /usr/local/informix/installesql.
> My Informix version is:
> onstat | head -1
> INFORMIX-OnLine Version 7.12.UC1 -- On-Line -- Up 7 days 02:47:27 -- 29520
> Kbytes
> hope this helps.

Not sure what about the last part is relevant....

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