[DB-SIG] Help installing PyGreSQL.

Tom Bryan tbryan@server.python.net
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 09:30:05 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 21 Dec 1999, Wayne wrote:

> Hello, I'm running postgreSQL 6.4.2 and would like to install
> PyGresSQL. In the install instruction it refers to a file name
> "Makefile.pre.in boot" I don't have this file file on my system. There
> is also a refers to a directory called "??/Modules" . I don't have a
> Modules directory. There is a refers to the Setup files, is this the
> directory where make is for postgreSQL. The distro I have is Redhat
> 6.0.

I haven't installed PyGresSQL, but what you're describing sounds like the
Python source tree.  If you build Python from source, the Modules
subdirectory of the source code directories contains a Setup file, where
you can select, for example, whether to build the Python interpreter with
support for Tk, gdbm, and zlib.  With many packages, it is sufficient to
compile a shared library (a .so file) and put it in /usr/lib/site-python
(on RedHat 6.0).

If you're just trying to follow the instructions, it will make the most
sense if you build Python by yourself from the sources.  Download and
unpack py152.tgz from www.python.org.  If you need a Setup file for
RedHat, just e-mail me.  The files you need are available on RedHat, but
they are spread around in multiple directories.  If you don't want to mess
around with building Python from source, you'll need (at least) the
python-devel rpm.  (Do a rpm -ql python-devel to see where the files like
Makefile.pre.in are located.)

By the way, RedHat comes with Python-1.5.1.  The current version is
Python-1.5.2.  You might want to grab the latest RPMs from Olivier
Andrich's page on the Starship http://starship.python.net