[DB-SIG] Informixdb maintenance

Reinhammar, Bertil berei@wmdata.com
Tue, 2 Feb 1999 12:23:19 +0100

Been notified by Aaron Watters that the issue has come up. Thanks Aaron !

Truly sorry about the mess and any inconvenience. I'm not going to try
making excuses,
I've handled this poorly.

I've browsed some of the traffic on the subject and

1) Anyone feeling called to take over should announce that.

2) There is, to my knowledge, no copyright whatsoever with respect to IV
DocEye or myself
    or any other legal entity that I'm involved with. If there exist any
copyright, it originates
    before my time.

3) The prime reason for handing the torch over is that I have been assigned
to new and
    substantially different tasks, effectively preventing me from any
attempt to restart work
    on informixdb module.
    We have looked at the possibility of keeping mainenance within the
office but couldn't 
    come up with any viable solution.

Bertil Reinhammar