[DB-SIG] stored procedures

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 12:35:44 +0100

Mike Skowronski wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using the odbc module w/ python 1.5.1 to call stored procedures and
> they work fine except when the procedure (or the return value on
> a function) has an output value.  For example if I have something like:
>         ret = 0
>         params = [ret, 1, 2]
>         aCursor.execute('{? = call addthem(?,?)}', params)
> the value of ret would always be 0 even though if i call the same function
> from C or pl/sql it behaves correctly -- i.e. adding the 2 input
> parameters for above e.g.  any suggestions?

The current DB-API does not handle output parameters for
You could try to produce a result set though and use that for
output data via the .fetchXXX() methods.

I suggested an improvement on this for the next version of the DB-API 
Spec. a couple of weeks ago, but have gotten next to no response so far. 
Maybe this message could revive the discussion...

2. Stored procedures

Basically I want to revisit the discussion. The 1.1 proposal
defines this interface:

              This method is optional since not all databases
              provide stored procedures. 

              Call a stored database procedure with the given
              name. The list of parameters must contain one
              entry for each argument that the procedure
              expects. The result of the call is returned by
              modifying the list contents in place. Input
              parameters are left untouched, output and
              input/output parameters replaced with the new

              The procedure may also provide a result set as
              output. This must then be made available through
              the standard fetch-methods.

Is this general enough to fit everybody's needs ? I know that
Jim Fulton would rather like an interface which returns a callable
type... but it seems overkill to ask module writers to implement
this just to be DB API conform.

[The message I quoted this from has the subject line 
 "[DB-SIG] API Enhancements"]

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