[DB-SIG] oracle modules and linux

Jeff Berliner jeff@endeavor.med.nyu.edu
Thu, 04 Feb 1999 12:04:13 -0500

     Has anyone successfully compiled either the older oracledb module, or
the DCOracle module on a linux box?  

     I've got both running fine on my Digitail Unix machine, but I'm having
no luck on a machine with RedHat 5.1.

     It appears that the oracledb module (my preference, since I got lots
of code already) is having a problem with Python 1.5.1, since it's Makefile
is designed for 1.4.  Is there a more recent Makefile?

     The DCOracle module, along with a bunch of compilation warnings, is
doing the standard Oracle "missing library" stuff, and before spending all
afternoon with that, figured I'd ask you guys :)

     Any pointers or hints are appreciated!

                                                       - Jeff

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