Neel Krishnaswami neel@cswv.com
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 11:59:50 -0500


I've downloaded the mxODBC package (version 1.0.0) and am trying to get a 
Windows 95 box to talk to an Oracle database using the Windows ODBC manager. 

However, the precompiled ODBC.Windows package doesn't seem to have the
DriverConnect() constructor. That is, it doesn't show up in the list produced 
by ODBC.Windows.__dict__.keys(), and gives me an AttributeError if if I
try to invoke it. 

I've rooted ODBC directory tree at C:\Program Files\Python\site\ODBC, and
"C:\Program Files\site" is in my PYTHONPATH. For comparison, the mxDateTime
package is at C:\Program Files\site\DateTime, and it seems to work fine,
so I'm pretty sure it's not path problems biting me.

Also, when I checked the __version__ string, I found that it is at version 
0.9.0. Is DriverConnect() just not compiled into the binary distribution, or 
am I foolishly missing something? 

Neel Krishnaswami