[DB-SIG] Redifining Python

Timothy Johnson tjohnson@akcache.com
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 17:05:07 -0900

I am just now investigating Python. I just had a converastion with a web
page designer who DOES NOT design in Perl, but has Perl modules written for
her, but then maintains and modifies code.
As a "C" programmer, I use pre-processor defines to create templates for
processing web page input (CGI program source). These templates are easy to
maintain and recompile by a "para-programmer" such as the individual I
mention above. 
Having stated that, here's my question: Can one write a sophisticated
application with Python, but provide a simple, maintainable interface to
enable ongoing maintainance by a someone of less programming skills?
("Para-programmer"). Just as I do with my C++ programs. And the beauty of
this is that it would not have to be run through a compiler.