[DB-SIG] ANNOUNCING: MySQLdb-0.0.3 now available

Andy Dustman adustman@comstar.net
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 23:51:34 -0400 (EDT)

MySQLdb-0.0.3 has just been released. You'll find it at:


I ran this sucker for about three hours (140 CPU minutes) with two
simultanous threads with no leakage evident. However, there's an outside
chance it may leak with more threads (like 10 or so).

For you Zope smokers, there is a patch to ZMySQLDA to make it work with
MySQLdb instead of MySQLmodule-1.4. Does it work? Maybe yes, maybe no;
read the patch and don't complain to me if you go up or down an octave.
Keep in mind, it won't work at all without at least MySQL-3.22.19, and
MySQLmodule-1.4 uses 3.21.x AFAIK. 3.22.25 seems okay, except some
weirdness with TIME columns (not my fault). And you need Python 1.5.2, but
you need that for Zope 2.0.0 anyway, so get it.

If you're actually using this module for something, I'd like to hear about

Here is the FAQ: Q: Why do I have problems importing (missing symbols)? A:
Either you don't have Python 1.5.2 (missing PyLong_FromLongLong) or you
are linking against a shared output version of the MySQL client library
and it's not on your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

(That's really the only frequently asked question at this point.)

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