[DB-SIG] Sample Code of Python/MySQL

Brad Stec bstec@rulespace.com
Tue, 20 Jul 1999 10:18:11 -0700

I'm putting in some examples of the various SQL commands and ways to get the
data.  Its really for complete novices... like me. :)  I decided that as I
learn it I might as well document it.

I'll send you what I get when I get it done.


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On Tue, 20 Jul 1999, Brad Stec wrote:

> Does anyone have any good sample Python source-code describing interfacing
> with mySQL?  
> I'm exploring use of Andy Dustman's MySQLdb module and could use some
> reference.  I'm building up a MySQLdb API "cgi trainer" for my team with
> examples of how to exploit mySQL's basics through the module and could
> use some support.  

The basics would just be whatever is in the DB API 2.0 spec over at
www.python.org. Generally it's


> If all goes well and it passes inspection, I'll ask Andy if he'd like to
> include it with the module files.

I'll take a look, sure. 

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