[DB-SIG] Python and database problems

Tobias Höink hoeink@uni-muenster.de
Thu, 04 Mar 1999 10:43:43 +0100

Dear "Phythons",

my name is Tobias Hoeink. I am programming for the German Society of 
Physicists in Muenster, Germany. For registration we use CGI-Scripts 
written in Python. We read information from HTML forms and put them into 
an Access database. So far there is no problem, everything works fine. 
We use two fields for dates in this Access database and this is where 
something very strange happens:
While reading dates out our database the date somehow changes into the 
date of the day before. As this seems to be a systematical error which 
occurs somewhere between Python and ODBC we were not able to handle it.

To get in tough with our problem please look at
and search e.g. for member number (Teilnehmernummer) 478. The returning
will show you two dates. Both are exact one day before the day saved in 
our database. If you search the name "Nink" (field Nachname) an other 
listing will be presented with the same effect. I asure you that the 
original dates in this recordset are saved with anmeldedatum = 02/25/199
kartendatum = 03/25/1999. 
This problem occurs on any date we read out of the database!

Please let us know what the mistake is and how we can solve the problems 
that are concerned with that. 
I would also be interested if we are the only ones presented to this

Thank you very much.

I hope to hear from you soon.  

        Sincerely Yours,

                Tobias Hoeink
	Tobias Höink				
	Heekweg 12, E408			
	48161 Münster	
	phone: +49-251-868852		
	email: hoeink@uni-muenster.de