[DB-SIG] Python and database problems

Tobias Hoeink HOEINK@nwz.uni-muenster.de
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 11:22:47 +0100

Dear "pythons",

this is an additionally mail to the first one sent a few minutes ago. 
Greg Stein wrote me and asked if it could be a problem of timezones. 
Indeed it was. Editing the time field of our database with a time of 
12.00 (noon) instead of 0.00 (midnight) the correct dates are displayed 
when we read them. 

Thanks to all of you would have answered. This was my first experience 
with python help mailing and I am impressed. Really!

Good luck to all of you and many greetings from Muenster, Germany,
sincerely your 
Tobias Hoeink