[DB-SIG] annotated 1.1 spec / feedback

James Northrup james_northrup@iridium.com
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 11:46:51 -0500

> Hmm. We could try getting the DB API specification into the standard
> docs for Python. That would add a little more "official" flavor to
> our work.

questions regarding this sig:

1) Is there an issue in publishing a module of abstract classes to adhere to ?

2) Why stop at the docs for python if we can publish self documented base classes as well?
I have looked frantically for a dbapi.py and all I have found are disparate c modules that don't have parent class interfaces.
If such an animal exists, I would love a pointer.  I would gladly step out of this discussion and into one about improving such a module.

3) Java has a comfortable "Interface/Impl" flavor of libraries, why is the db-api an ethereal specification of convention rather than an entry point in code interface?