[DB-SIG] Help with compiling the mxODBC package under Windows

Murray Todd Williams murray_williams@merck.com
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 11:19:51 -0500

My kingdom for a Makefile!

I'll be the first to admit I don't know much about the MS VC++ that I
have.  I'm usually working in Linux, and the only time I use VC++ is
through the command line.  The instructions provided for building the
mxODBC are a bit beyond me.  

(I) I don't know how to "point the compiler to Python/Include" or "point
the linker to Python/Lib".

(II) When I setup a blank DLL project and add the appropriate files, the
target is a single DLL (I named the project mxODBC which I assume would
be the right thing.) but the instructions mention renaming MULTIPLE
*.dll files to *.pyd.

(III) When I do my best to get some sort of command line compilation

    cl /I..\..\Include mxODBC.cpp /DL

I get the following errors:
mxODBC.cpp(3559) : error C2086: 'mxODBCCursor_Type" : redefinition
mxODBC.cpp(4016) : error C2086: "mxODBC_Type" : redefinition

I'm stuck at this point.  Could someone please give me a clue?  The
(prerequisite) mxDateTime was (almost) completely painless.


Murray Todd Williams
Merck & Co., Inc.