[DB-SIG] Re: [Zope-dev] Prototype Zope mxODBC DA

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 23:35:31 +0200

Christopher Petrilli wrote:
> > Question for Christopher Petrilli: because the patches from the Oracle
> > DA are so small, does merging the mxODBC and Oracle DAs into one code
> > base seem feasible?

What mxODBC DA are you referring to here ? Is there something I've
missed ?
> No, mostly because both are on the cusp of going somewhere else.  We will
> most likely be undertaking a ground-up rewrite of the ODBC driver based
> purely on the X/Open CLI spec (which is part of SLQ99), which will also be
> used to talk to DB2.  This will not use a DB-API compatible interface for
> various reasons.
> Eventually the DCOracle adapter will undergo a similar transition.  We need
> things that the DB-API doesn't provide, nor perhaps should it.  We have
> already had great success with a Sybase adapter done this way (eventually to
> be released).

Note that mxODBC does already link against the Linux ODBC driver
of IBM's Universal Database (DB2). It's just that the dynamic
load doesn't work due to some obscure compiler or linker bug, at
least not on my machine using the latest beta code from IBM (haven't
yet received the final product CD).

Chris, could you elaborate a bit on what features you need that are
not included in the DB API Spec ?

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