[DB-SIG] Re: [Zope] [ANNOUNCEMENT] MySQLdb-0.1.0 available

Andy Dustman adustman@comstar.net
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 00:56:24 -0400 (EDT)


On Tue, 14 Sep 1999, Andy Dustman wrote:

> I'm happy to announce that MySQLdb is now officially beta and has been
> bumped up to version 0.1.0. You can find it at:
>     http://starship.python.net/crew/adustman
> No real new features, a few minor bugfixes, including plugging a memory
> leak introduced into 0.0.3.
> The patch for ZMySQLDA has been updated and may actually work. Note that
> MySQLdb (and it's underlying _mysql module) are designed to work and play
> well with threaded apps like Zope, whereas MySQLmodule-1.4 was not, so if
> this patch really works (I notice ZMySQLDA still uses regex) you should
> see a performance increase. If the patch doesn't work, your performance
> will be shot to hell (as in, no performance at all).

Good news and bad news, Zope smokers: I dug into ZMySQLDA to see how it
works and to test it. The bad news is: My patch still wasn't quite right.
The good news is: I think it actually works now. I've updated the tarball
but left the version number alone. So, if you got it before 1 a.m. EST
(0500 UTC), you probably have the old version.

The funny thing is: The patched ZMySQLDA doesn't use MySQLdb at all; just
_mysqlmodule. It was much easier this way, trust me on this, or read the
patch. Make sure that you install MySQLdb and _mysql on your PYTHONPATH,
install ZMySQLDA, patch it, and restart Zope. Let me know how it turns

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